Jessica Rimondi

Jessica Rimondi is an Italian artist based in Berlin. She studied at the Accademia Albertina di Torino, Italy and she graduated in mixed media fine art at the University of Westminster of London.

[Statement about my work]

Curiosity for visual engagement is the driving force in my work. My research stretches over researching different means of expression in sight of finding the most appropriate ones according onto needs and inclination. Form, gesture, material and concept- this is how my creative process develops into works that are characterized by the consistent mediation of different means of expression: technically and stylistically. Throughout the last year particular emphasis has been given to the element of gesture. As I progressively developed a technique of “strata”, which allowed me to create compositional narrative within the representational element, the performative factor of gesture progressively became the media and the poetic meaning through which my aesthetic develops. Such technique evolves through different stages of affixion-subtraction of layered material within the creative process. I generally tend work on flat surfaces, as in this way the contrast between the free gesture and the controlled flat colour gives me the opportunity to see the ‘recorded’ movement inside the painted surface/image.

This technique wants also to represent the metaphorical meaning of the work itself, as it gives me the opportunity to epitomize the carving inside of these layers/substrates as physical embodiment of my journey into the subconscious.

Subconscious, reality, society - with the action of subtraction of layers, the action of painting becomes physical embodiment of my journey; creating and subtracting different layers in the paint within their connected sensation.

Communication is a constant in my art: communication between the subject and his user, the observer and the observed, intimate, non-verbal, sensorial. When I use gestures in my work, it is an emotional triadic process in which I attempt to develop a relationship, a communication between my subject, the observer and I.

I want the subject of my paintings to be real, not only in their physical appearances, but I want them to reflect my personal research into the relationship between the image and the psychological penetration that is due to the expressive medium I am progressively developing in my works. As when you see works of Lucien Freud or Jenni Saville, the body contains life in it, they are not perfect, or if you look at the work of CY Twombly, you can feel all the fragility and the strength in his poetry. The kind of work I want to develop will be the outcome of a creative process that takes into consideration the connection between the physicality of the painting material/gesture within the psychoanalytical approach onto the thematic of questioning subjectivity in the representation of the portrayed object.

I’ve been influenced this year from different artist, from Cy Towmbly, Arnulf Rainer, Robert Ryman, Jenny Saville, Anselm Kiefer, Nicola Samorì, Antoni Tapies, Hans Hartung, until Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud, Janni Kounellis, Alberto Burri, Yue Minjun and many others.


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