Isabelle Scheltjens

Isabelle Scheltjens is a Belgian artist. She studied at the Antwerp SISA and lives and works in Grobbendonk. The glass designs of her husband Dirk Neefs inspired her to also work with glass. After a first portrait of her daughter, she refined her unique glass fusing technique from 2014 , in which two or three layers of hand-cut pieces of glass (up to 3 x 3 mm) in different colors, textures and sizes are melted together at 800 ° C. 

These colorful glass mosaics are like the paint dots of the pointillists: abstract at close range, but from a distance they form through the human eye, an expressive portrait.

She is a master of color theory. Only after Isabelle has meticulously viewed the cubes placed from above, are they glued to Plexiglas. Making a portrait of soon twenty thousand pieces of glass is a real work of monks, which also requires technical craftsmanship.  

Since 2015, her work has been exhibited worldwide: France, Monaco, Hong Kong, London, South Africa, Dubai, the Netherlands, Italy, New York, ... and in prestigious collections such as those of the King of Morocco or Lotus Bakeries. Kevin De Bruyne also recently bought the beautiful portrait of his wife Michèle.

Isabelle makes unique, intriguing and expressive portraits of mainly women. The effect that she creates is phenomenal: glass mosaics merge optically into a beautiful portrait.

The charismatic work of Isabelle Scheltjens is exhibited worldwide in the most prestigious private and public collections and exhibitions.

Art lovers worldwide are intrigued by all those colored squares in glass that, thanks to Isabelle's magic, form a symbiotic portrait.

As the popularity of her work continues to grow, there was an urgent need for her own permanent gallery, where the works can fully come into their own. She has now received it in a prominent place on the village square of picturesque Sint-Martens-Latem.


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