Elisa Cantarelli

Italian mixed media visual artist based in London. Elisa Cantarelli have always needed to express herself in a creative way mainly through Art and sports: freedom to create, energy and discipline to reach goals and dreams.

She believes "dotting" was just an evolution of favorite childhood games (puzzles and coloring books), as a different way to color an image using drops of color, becoming dots to compose the picture, like pieces of a puzzle.

"Dotting" is a meditative process: the drops falling, color on color, shade on shade, to create a three-dimensional texture of dots which engages the viewer from a visual perception to a tactile one.

Elisa studied at Fine Art Academy in Bologna, Italy and at Art Institute P.Toschi in Parma, Italy. Since 2006 her work has been exhibited at major Art Fairs like Art First Bologna, Paris Photo, Art Fair Tokyo, Art Verona, Art Padova, Affordable Art Fair (Milan - Hamburg - Hong Kong). She have taken part in solo and group exhibitions in Italy, UK, Hong Kong and South Korea.


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