A Power Coming Down on Man

Lorenzo Puglisi Contemporay Art

Daniela Merola interviewed contemporary artist Lorenzo Puglisi for www. newsly.it.

In 2005 Puglisi had his first exhibition, Art and Silence, at the Sanctuary of Oropa, in Biella, which was followed by other shows at private galleries and public institutions.

Lorenzo Puglisi, how did you start your journey into contemporary art?

I’ve always drawn a lot, since I was little, as if in an attempt to stop time and capture my moments of joy by putting them on paper, so that I could own them. Then I slowly started to experiment with painting, and the hardest thing for me was to find the courage to really experiment. After a few decades during which I remained unknown, I suddenly I had the chance of showing my work. And today I can do that also at the Pio Monte della Misericordia [church of the ‘Pious Mount of Mercy’] in Naples.

One word to describe your painting?

Essential. My art aims to go towards the essence of the representation of the real, without losing its intensity and, on the contrary, deriving greater intensity from the concentration of visual energy. This may sound a bit bombastic, I guess, but I’m just trying to describe a possible and much-desired result…

You’re currently with Omar Galliani at the Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples with the exhibition Truth in Darkness, where both of you establish a dialogue with Caravaggio’s The Seven Works of Mercy (ca. 1607).

Two contemporary artists inspired by Caravaggio… a powerful comparison!

Lorenzo, you present a series of oil paintings on canvas entitled Mercy. Here, figurative ‘reality’ totally disappears and only ‘shadows’ – as you call them - remain.

What does ‘Mercy’ stand for in your paintings?

What I’ve seen in Caravaggio’s work is that there’s a power constantly coming down on man, and if you’re ready to welcome its greatness, you can do good actions… I’ve tried to portray this truth on the canvas, Mercy is one, and when it comes down on man it manifests itself in different ways and through different actions.

Your art is characterized by the use of total black on the background, from which bodies, faces and other elements emanate like light.


How did you get to that approach? And where will your art take you in the future?

It was a slow and gradual manifestation on the canvas of something that, at first very timidly and then hopefully with increasing intensity, emerges from the darkness and mystery that envelops me when I feel like I don’t know anything about why I exist …

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ArtStyle Magazine ~ ArtStyle_WinterSpring2018_Singole

Article Title: "LORENZO PUGLISI: Forza che discende sull'essere umano. A POWER COMING DOWN ON MAN" by Daniela Merola


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