The Night Horse 1845-1861


Price:£4,871.10 Ex Tax:£4,871.10

Senza Titolo 1986


Price:£3,171.29 Ex Tax:£3,171.29



Price:£4,439.80 Ex Tax:£4,439.80

Skinwash V

Artist:David Begbie

Title:Skinwash V

76 x 56 cm Framed 86.7 x 67.3 cm


Price:£2,029.62 Ex Tax:£2,029.62

Nuud VI

Artist:David Begbie

Title:Nuud VI

76 x 57 cm Framed with ramin wood with acrylic white colour wash 86.5 x 65 cm


Price:£2,537.03 Ex Tax:£2,537.03

Senza Titolo 1994


Price:£3,171.29 Ex Tax:£3,171.29

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